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Interested in Booking Sam Moore PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 27 October 2009 20:17
If you or your organization is interested in booking Sam Moore and his band contact Steve or Dave at Buddy Lee Attractions.
Sam on his legacy and his feelings toward "Cyber" PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 25 March 2009 13:23

There is a cyber-stalker trying destroy me, my family, my career and make a mockery of my legacy by claiming to be some sort of ultimate Dave fan.  This woman has lied, invented, manipulated and distorted just about every bit of history while demanding that someone, anyone prove her twisted tales wrong.

Sam Sings, With Dave's Spirit PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 25 March 2009 14:40
by Barbara Jaeger


Check out this article about Sam regarding Atlantic Record's 40th Anniversary Bash.

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Sam's Crusade for Artist Rights Continues PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 25 March 2009 15:26
I have been proud to be a part of seeking rights and redress for myself and my peers over the years. Because of the cyber-stalkers attacks on me, my family, my legacy, my story as is were, I had my office locate the testimony I was honored to have been in a position to give in 1998 when Joyce and I were involved in trying to amend the Lanham Act to include a way to protect the public from the false advertising of "impostor" acts that had begun to spread and cover the club and concert scene around the world like a rapidly moving brush fire destroying all, especially the authentic artists, in it's path.

Unfortunately, my ex-partner was one of those "fire starters" when he hired one or another "fake ME" . For nearly 6 years of lies and deception against me his actions made it relatively impossible for me to secure gigs. That fake act cut a path of confusion with our fans and destruction of the name and legacy of the duo and me personally.

Over the past several years I've had any number of fans from all around the world come up to me and tell me they're glad my voice is so much better than it was the last time they'd seen me. Inevitably it wasn't me, but "Fake Me" they'd seen with Dave sometime between 1982 and 1988 (Dave died in a car wreck in April, 1988). To those fans who paid good money to see the act billed in some fashion as "Sam & Dave" during that time, I am very sorry you didn't get what you paid for. To those fans who lost love for my work with and without Dave I am sad. To those who encouraged and enabled Dave to do what he did to cheat the public and destroy the legacy of the duo with substandard performances and misuse and misappropriation of the trademark what I have to say to them is not fit to print.

My testimony to the House Subcommittee Hearing on May 12, 1998 is what you will see when you click READ MORE. I stand by each and every word of my written testimony that is now a part of the Congressional Record of The United States of America. I also hope it helps confirm certain history that is getting mangled and trashed by those who fell it proper to assault myself and my family and assassinate our characters and malign, defame or otherwise question our motives.
The lawsuit against the weinsteins and others because of their movie "Soul Men" PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 25 March 2009 15:49
Available here to read and download:
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